Welcome to Bagan Hotel

Bagan Hotel is situated in a stunning location with fantastic views across the Ayeryarwaddy River. With the towering Gawdawpalin Temple on one side and the river front on the other, this attractive hotel is situated in the heart of Old Bagan, one of the world’s most fascinating cultural heritage sites and Theravada Buddhism first flourished in the Bagan.
The hotel set on its own 7.8 acres of landscaped garden, indulges prominent view to breathtaking Ayeyarwaddy River, a treasure of Myanmar and a gift from the Nature. Not only the resort exterior, its interior designs are also inspired by royal era. The interior of the resort has been meticulously planned to be unique and original. The hotel’s unique architecture remains loyal to authentic Myanmar cultural and its lush garden compound features two ancient Pagodas, Shin pin thettaw shay Pagoda and Shin pin thettaw ya Pagoda.